Mobile Game Development Tools Preferred by Developers

Not only kids but even elders are fond of some games and can play it for hours without even blinking. Just imagine how much effort it takes to make a mobile game. Game development is one of the highly skilled and valuable techniques that a developer has. A number of tools and techniques are used by them to develop the best games. 

As smartphones and tablets are now a necessity, everyone has them and ten out of eight people have the habit of playing games on their phone or tablet. Therefore the developers work hard to make games that can be enjoyed by you. Using appropriate tools makes it easier to work and even saves your time. So isn’t it a good thing to save your time and make your work easier? Here are some of the tools preferred by the developers that will help you do the same. So let’s get started and see how these tools help you to be an efficient developer.      

Cocos 2D

Cocos 2DCocos 2d is a free software framework that is used to build apps, games and interactive programs. They use some independent editors such as those contributing in areas of particle editing, SpriteSheet editing, font editing and tilemap editing. They even include world editors including CocoStudio and SpriteBuilder. They provide primitives to represent common GUI elements in game scenes that include labels, menus, buttons, text boxes and other elements.


CryEngineIt is a game engine designed by German game developer Crytek. There are different versions of cry engine that are used to develop games. The cryengine software development kit, originally known as Sandbox Editor is the current version used to create cryengine by Crytek. The tools are even provided within the software to facilitate animation, scripting and object creation. It is extensively used for modding purposes. To use it effectively you can learn from the best institute in Surat that even provides animation course in Surat.  

PowerVR Graphics SDK

PowerVR is a division of imagination technologies developing software and hardware for 2D and 3D rendering, decoding and video encoding. It was originally introduced to compete in the desktop PC market for 3D hardware accelerators providing a better price-performance ratio as compared to the existing products. There are different series or versions of powerVR used according to the need and requirement while developing the games. 


Appcelerator titanium is an open source framework allowing the creation of native mobile apps on platforms such as android, iOS and Windows UWP from a single JavaScript codebase. Apache-licensed software development kit is the core component of Titanium. It’s core features are a cross platform API, transparent access and MVC based framework alloy. It helps you to easily change and animate views and images using the native controls. 

Corona SDK

Corona SDKThe Solar2D that is now formally known as Corona SDK is a free and open-source, cross platform software development kit that was originally developed by Corona Labs. The tool allows software programmers to build 2D mobile applications and connected TV applications. Its major features are API calls for audio and graphics, cryptography, networking and device information such as accelerometer information, GPS, and user inputs.   


UnityUnity is the world’s most popular cross platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies. Currently the engine supports more than 25 platforms and is used to create two-dimensional, three-dimensional, virtual reality and augmented reality games. Many different versions of Unity have been released since it’s launch. The game engine tool is even used in automotive and film industries due to it’s amazing features.  


HaxeThe tool can produce application and source code for many different computing platforms from one code base. It is an open source high level cross platform programming language and compiler. Haxe includes a lot of features and a standard library that is supported across all platforms including strings, arrays, numeric data types, maps, binary, maps and other common file formats. It supports externs accessing each platform’s native capabilities. 

Amazon Lumberyard

Amazon LumberyardThe tool developed by Amazon and based on CryEngine was initially released in 2002 and was licensed from Crytek in 2015. It is a freeware cross platform game engine that features integration from amazon web services allowing developers to build or host games on Amazon’s server. The current version is used to build games for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and XBox One that even supports iOS and android. 


SpriteKitSpriteKit is a tool that helps to create battery efficient and high-performance 2D games. It is a general purpose framework that is used for drawing shapes, particles, images, texts and videos in two dimensions. This game development engine was released by Apple in 2013. The tool leverages metal to achieve high performance rendering, offering a simple programming interface making it easy to create games and other graphic intensive apps.


BuildBoxThe core audience of BuildBox is designers, entrepreneurs and gaming enthusiasts that are not familiar with game development or coding knowledge. It is a no-code development platform that focuses on game creation without using scripting, coding or programming. If you are a beginner then this one will be a helpful tool to you. This cross platform development tool can run on OSX and Windows Operating Systems as well. 

Being a developer you need to go through a long way and have to learn a number of things. If you are willing to learn it then do choose an eligible institute that will make you an expert. Opting for a game development course in Surat will give you a chance to learn all the things properly and perfectly starting from the basics to end.

Before joining any institute you need to find out the way of teaching and their faculties so that you can learn the best and updated things. You will require different tools and techniques to do the work more efficiently and for this all the tools mentioned above are just great. You just need to choose the adequate one and use it whenever you need it. If you are really willing to be a game developer then search for it and go through all the required elements to be sharp and adaptive. 

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