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Chairman of the Emirates: Not necessarily in this year’s break and Mahumos renewal
The outside world believes that the Kansas City chief will sign a new contract in patrick mahomes in this year, so that he has become the highest pay quarter.

Balvin has been selected for a career bowl, which is for the eagle for 4 years. His last season was a giant effectiveness, participated in 26% defense. The eagle may use him to serve as a special occasion, temporarily retired Chris Long. Balvin also said that he would support Brand Graham, Vinny Curry and Drek Barnett.

Miller: Newton is one of my favorite quarters
In the 2011, Denver’s wild horse is selected in the second selection of von miller, he completed 30 killing in the first two seasons before the career, became one of the best players of the selection. . However, in the same year’s draft, a player has always been more attention than Miller: CAM NEWTON. The two will be directly interrupted on this super bowl.

Balvin told reporters: “I am trying to return, I hope to be effective for the eagle. I am now training, and I have said HOWIE ROSEMAN. They want to see if there is any depth demand. I will wait until the training camp start & hellip; & hellip; of course, it will not wait too long. But the eagle already knows that I want to go there. ”

In the game with new England Patriots, Miller successfully frozen Tom Brady. If the wild horse wants to win in the super bowl, their defense will become the key. The key to the defensive group is Naturally Miller.

The old line is 卫 巴文 intentionally for the eagle
Beijing June 29th Connor Barwin has been fighting for 11 years in the Alliance, but this old man has not retired. At present, he is working in Jason Kelce training in Tianpu University.

Cannabis detection is improved in two aspects: one is that the initial charge will only be included in the list, and will be divided into: 2 fines, 4 fines, 4 panels, 10 games and 1 year ban. The detection threshold is also increased from the original 15 Nak per mulg of 35 Nak.

In addition, Denver’s wild horse takes over the Wes Welker, Dallas Deni Corner, Olando – Sandrick (Orlando Scandrick) and Stadman Beiler (STEDman Bailey) ) Will also be commuted. The previous three have been banned cheap jerseys from china four games, and the new subject will return to the court this week. Free players Lavon Brazil is also reduced to 10 games.

When asked if the two people were competitors, Miller replied: “If I am quad-saving, I think it is like this. But in fact I like Newton, he is one of the favorite four-point guard. Of course, My favorite is Peton Manning, which is Kam. I don’t think there are other four-point guards can be like him. I am his fans. If he is a defensive player, you can sign 2 billion yuan of contracts, he can impact the quarter-saving, and will be withdrawn, like the security. I very supported him, not like the media rendering of the chart. ”

When in April, there have been reports Kelao Ni and Texans both sides signed a desire about, but the problem was the general manager Bryan – Gein (Brian Gaine) has now been forced to pack up and leave. Acting General Manager – Chris Olsen (Chris Olsen) has no power to renew unknown.

Ke Laoni previously by not participating in voluntary off-season training show his attitude. Texans coach – Bill O’Brien (Bill O & rsquo; Brien), said: “I believe that they themselves would be JD training, must also be prepared to make the state of his return to the team.”

Although Hunter correctly pointed out that the team does not have to complete the renewal of this year, the two sides complete the most likely the most likely the long-term team of Mahms this year, and the chiefs are more likely to take it. The greater the contract.

After the end of the third season, Mahmus will be eligible for the first time in 2020. Currently, he is only more than $ 5.2 million in 2020. If both parties can’t complete the renewal, the chief will execute Marhms in the fifth year of the 2021.

Alliance issued a new new rules, multiple players
The NFL Alliance and the NFL player will declare on the local time on Friday. The random alliance has announced some of the new regulations, and many players who have previously been banned are from the income. These include the long-awaited Cleveland Brown star outside Josh Gordon. The new rule confirmed that the previous guessing, his banned period was reduced to 10 games and will be repeated in the game against the battle of Atlanta.

The initial violation of the ban on the ban on banned drugs can be punished for 6 games, no salary during the ban. The use of diuretics or masks will be subject to 2. Violation of drugs such as steroids, stimulants, объвлени-ореныбургаDf.Xn–P1Ai and growth hormones will be banned. Interference test results for 6 games.

49ers coach Kyle – Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan), said: “We understand the decision he did not want to stay here long-term, he clearly expressed his intention, but we also know that the team we have used the label & hellip. ; & hellip; I think these words have made it very clear. “

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