Where Get The Best Keystone Jack – Bullnose Wall Plate – LED Wall Mount Brackets

The choice of the type of keystone jack and ullnose wall plate depends on the working conditions. For most installations, the most popular choice is the unshielded keystone. It is used every day in places where there is no electromagnetic interference. In places such as homes and commercial buildings where EMI is not present. The unshielded ladder plug is a plastic rod that fits many different installations. When you are in a room where EMI is present, you want to use a shielded keystone jack. The keystone jack is usually shielded with cast aluminum, which can be a good way to protect your network from signal interference. For more information on why EMI may be present in some areas, see our blog Everything you need to know about shielded cables.

When using the keystone jack, it is important that the entire channel is shielded so that you can take advantage of the benefits of keystone jack the cable internally. This ensures that every link in your channel is shielded from electromagnetic interference. A good rule of thumb is to consider the type of Ethernet cable construction you are using when choosing a trapezoidal connector.

Types of keystone jack

There are several different types of keystone jack design. You may encounter two of them: 90° and 180°. This is due to the design of the back of the trapezoidal module. As the front side of the socket is standardised to accommodate a wide range of accessories, the rear side can be varied to accommodate different installation options. The choice of the best angle for the trapezoidal socket depends on the installation site and preferences. Most keystone jack in use can be connected directly to the socket. Therefore, the choice of one or the other angle depends on preference.

Sometimes the 180° cover of the socket has a hole at the top, so the cables should pass through it. This is a good option for a wall-mounted connection panel.

Whatever design you choose, note that there is no difference in speed between the two angles.

Where should I connect the Keystone sockets?

The last step is to choose the cable accessories. Plan your cable routing in advance so you know where the cables go. Once you have this figured out, you can decide which type of accessories you need.

The following types of accessories can be connected to the corner sockets.

  • Bullnose wall plate
  • Connection panels
  • LED Wall Mount Brackets


Bullnose wall plate

Some of the most common uses for Keystone sockets are connection to Bullnose wall plate and junction boxes. Keystone sockets are designed for easy connection to these accessories. Bullnose wall plate are the perfect accessory for Ethernet networking in a variety of rooms, offices and buildings. They are easy to install on walls or pipes and are cost-effective.

bullnose wall plate

Connection panels are a great way to keep your network in one place. They are often found in server racks or server rooms. They typically have between 12 and 48 connections. You don’t want to use all the connectors on a wall panel. You want to connect to a corner connector and then to a connection panel.

LED Wall Mount Brackets

The LED Wall Mount Brackets is a portable device that easily attaches to the wall or furniture. Depending on the size of the box, you can fit 1 to 2 corner connectors. They are ideal for adding additional Ethernet connectors when required.

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