What Is The Optimal Angle For Solar Panels In Australia?

The is no debate in the amount of Solar Gippsland power your panels can generate is significantly affected by the angle and orientation of your roof, as well as the location of your residential or commercial property.

If you are looking forward to making the most out of your Solar Panels Gippsland, position them perpendicular to the sun; this way, the sun’s rays would hit the panels at a 90° angle. The solar panels seem to produce the most power in this position.

We have all heard a lot like the rooftops that face the north sun perform best; the solar panels must be placed at the perfect specific degree tilt to produce maximum power and so it.

All such things that we hear have left a lot of room for misinformation and misconceptions. So here is everything that you need to know about the solar panel optimal angle and most powerful production.

Solar Gippsland

Why Is The Optimal Angle Of The Panels Important?

Yes, the position at which you place your solar panel is critical if you want maximum efficiency of your solar panels. As we have already known, the more your solar panels are inclined your solar panel at the right angle to sunlight, the more electricity your solar system will generate.

By doing so, you would have more energy than you can either utilise or export for feed-in-tariff credits.

Apart from the optimal angle or tilt, there are a few guidelines for maximising the output of solar panels. To begin, a roof facing north will be the most effective as Australia is in the southern hemisphere.

What Is The Best Angle for Solar Panels?

Not that you have your panels facing north does not mean that you have achieved maximum efficiency. The optimal angle for solar panels varies depending on where you reside! Believe it or not.

As per the Clean Energy Council’s data, the specific angle you should achieve varies by major Australian city. It is because the optimal angle is always equal to the latitude angle of your home.

Here is a rough guide to the optimal angles for solar panels for Australia’s major cities.

  • Melbourne – 37.8˚
  • Sydney – 33.9˚
  • Darwin – 12.5˚
  • Adelaide – 34.9˚
  • Perth – 31.9˚
  • Brisbane – 27.5˚
  • Hobart – 42.9˚

So, if you’re building a new house, you could ask for a roof pitch that corresponds to your latitude angle. This way, you’ll always have the best circumstances for solar. However, when mounting the panel, make sure to attain the ideal angle as per the guide.


Solar Gippsland

What Much Is The Solar Output Loss When The Panel Angle Is Not Ideal?

All of this information leaves you with the most apparent question popping in your head – how much solar energy do you waste by not mounting Solar Panels Gippsland at the optimal angle?

Well, without a doubt, it all depends on the panels’ orientation and angle!

If your roof pitch is between 10° and 15° on either side of the latitude angle, you will only lose 1–1.5% of the maximum solar output achievable at your location.

To take Melbourne as an example, a roof pitch of 23° would offer roughly 98.5% of the maximum feasible solar output at that location, while an angle of 28° would deliver around 99 %!

Source : What Is The Optimal Angle For Solar Panels In Australia?

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