What Is A Voided Check?

When I started working, I remember that the hiring manager asked me for a “voided check.”

It sounds silly when I think about it because the answer is correct in the name.

But at the time, he confused me, so I asked him: it’s just a personal check, except I write “VOID” on it. Disable the check.

I wanted it because that’s how they would pay me. My paycheck would be deposited directly into that account and they needed the check for that information.

That’s just one of the most common reasons someone would want a voided check, but not the only one. If you’ve been confused about what a voided check is, we’ll go through it all in this article.

When do I need a voided check?

When someone needs your bank information, usually to establish some kind of electronic link to your bank account, they will often request a voided check. If you remember, a personal check contains a huge amount of information.

What the person really wants are the two numbers at the bottom, in red and green.

The number highlighted in red (nine digits) is your bank’s ABA routing number, which identifies your bank.

The number highlighted in green is your bank account number.

That’s what they want and they’re asking for a voided check so they can read the number for themselves. If asked, they may have to explain what the ABA routing number is, how to find it, and then hope you don’t misspell or misspell the number when you give it to them. They have to do the same with the account number.

A voided check avoids all of that and that is why many companies request a voided check.

The most common situation in which someone wants a voided check is if they are going to pay you regularly. If you started a new job, someone in the HR department may want it so they can directly deposit your paycheck. If you are setting up automatic electronic payments, such as rent or a mortgage, they may want a voided check to establish that link.

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