What are the Benefits of doing Cladding With Timber?

Aluminium slat screens are the latest trend in architecture. Insular is a leader and can design and build your slat wall to perfection with knowledge. With the various sizes of powder-coated aluminium batten screens available in a range of colours, you have the freedom to combine dimensions and colours to create the perfect finish for any area in your home. 

aluminium batten screens

Wooden facades are not only great sustainable building material but also attractive! Wood panelling can enhance any building, indoors or out, and give smooth walls an eye-catching and engaging character. Timber look cladding suppliers can create a modern look and feel or create a more unique and personalized décor, all with wood panelling.

In this guide, we will discuss the top benefits of using panelling. 

 Wood Panels Can Last a Long Time 

 If you are looking for materials that will last for years, Wood Panels are for you. With careful placement and proper treatment, wood panels can easily last 40-60 years, if not longer.

 Wood panelling looks excellent. 

No doubt, wood panelling is impressive. Timber look cladding suppliers integrate well with the natural environment and creates a perfect connection between the environment and the buildings. Bring nature to urban settings and break the mundane. The wood cladding creates eye-catching facades that catch the eye of all passers-by.

 Panelling is sustainable 

Since wood is a naturally renewable raw material replaced indefinitely by tree growth, panelling is a sustainable solution. Another incredible environmental benefit of wood siding is that it is essentially climate neutral, and trees naturally absorb CO2 and emit oxygen, offsetting emissions much better than other popular building materials.

Wood panelling has health benefits. 

 There is a reason wood panelling is popular in modern educational and commercial buildings, and it’s not just because it looks good. Wood panels have been shown to have health benefits by reducing stress and increasing productivity.

Wood panels are dynamic. 

Wood panels do not have to manifest as strips of wood in a structure. Panelling can be used in many ways and is available in various profiles and finishes depending on the design of the building.

Wood panels are durable. 

Wood panels can withstand cold, wind and rain, mainly if correctly laid and cared for. Chips or other minor dents are often difficult to see against the natural grain of wood panelling, so wear and tear the effects of ageing are less visible.

It is a versatile product with the option to continuously adapt the distance to sun protection, security or privacy protection requirements. And with the ability to mix and match colours and sizes, this can be a very creative solution too!

Slatted racks on the front of your property, or even use slatted pool fence racks; there are many options available to suit your needs. Aluminium batten screens can be used to create distinctive walls and ceilings both indoors and outdoors. Aluminium slats offer crisp, linear textures in a wide range of sizes and coatings, giving designers endless design options.

If you are looking for decorative Timber look cladding suppliers for your next building, various industries have expert experience; and other unmatched knowledge and advice to help you achieve the look you want with their ideal timber cladding.

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