Travel insurance in France

France, like Spain, belongs to the European Union, therefore health care in the French country is guaranteed for Spanish citizens with the same conditions as for French citizens or any other Union country. Having said this, it must be remembered that health systems are not the same throughout Europe. Spanish citizens need to carry the European health card to have access to doctors and hospitals.

However, the French system is a co-payment system, so the State only pays approximately 60% and 80% of the expenses.. Normally the most serious expenses such as hospitalization are covered between 80 and 100%, but there is always a mandatory payment excess that the State does not cover. For French citizens, the part not covered by the State is covered by a mutual insurance system (private or semi-public) but of course this implies a monthly fee. For us Spaniards who are used to a system, we hope we know how to protect it, which covers us almost completely, this system is complicated and strange. The problem is that you have to advance the money at the doctor and / or hospital that we have to visit, you have to save the invoices and on the return to Spain claim reimbursement from the Ministry of Health.

If it is a visit to a family doctor (they work like private doctors and the consultations are never in hospitals or health centers), the cost is low. If we visit the dentist, it can even be profitable. But if we are admitted to a hospital, the cost can be very high, firstly because the money has to be advanced, and secondly because we will not be reimbursed for everything.

Latin Americans in France.

For people who come to France from Latin America or the United States, travel insurance is very necessary since if they have a problem they will have to assume the full cost of health care. Depending on the treatment, medicines, in case of hospitalization, the amount to pay can be really painful, much more than if we buy travel insurance that can cost about € 30 in the case of the cheapest.

Travel insurance can be a good investment.

For all this, some people may be interested in taking out insurance that covers all these unforeseen events. Travel insurance is very varied and adapts to the needs of both Spanish and Latin American travelers and tourists, or from any country in the world. Coverages vary between € 30,000 and € 200,000, targeting travel in Europe, Africa or Latin America, or especially expensive countries such as the US, Japan or other countries in Southeast Asia. Prices for Europe and a week may not exceed a few tens of euros, which is not a great investment if the insurance can save us money and time, in addition to having to advance payments.

In any case, take all of this information as a suggestion and a reminder. It is always best to prevent than to cure. Our function is to inform so that afterwards each tourist can choose the solution they think is appropriate for their trip.

For little money we would have assistance covered, we would not have to advance the money, there would be telephone assistance in Spanish, etc …

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