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On the first day of the New Year, Bill Belichick canceled the training, which made the players more than the rest time, Wholesale Jerseys Sletari: “This is really a surprise, if the coach thinks this is right The team is best, then I will not be argued. ”

In the case where there is no preseason, it is the most close to actual workout opportunity. In any case, the epidemic has a problem for each team coach. In this case, you can play the best level assessment player and perfect the lineup team will occupy the first opportunity in the new season.

The second wave of attack, the crow defensive frontline super anti-run begins to focus on the steel man pavement attack, the star’s internal guard CJ Mosley’s eyes are staring at Bell, then the other big killing of the steel man is: Big and AB, these two future are likely to go beyond Manning and Harrison, breaking the combination of many historical transfer records, finally gain success in the second long-term connection, AB’s “Fade) Plus Brandard-Carl’s step by step to let AB will step on the right side line, Carl does not dare to follow the ball, but have to make “no movie” interference AB, just a god, the ball is right Flying into the AB chest to complete the long-spread line, then Bell patient, the calm observation and secondary force of the squad, 14 to 0! Opening the crow two degrees to attack the steel man half the particles, but the steel people two waves are all reachable!

Finally, Sletar said: “Our attention should be concentrated, how to make yourself more, this is a football team, you don’t need to care for who your opponent, because they only care about how to defeat you, so our attention Force should be more fully prepared, I am very happy that we can wait for the opponent at home, but this doesn’t guarantee what we are. ”

With the determination of the Patriots No. 1 and the round of circumstances, Slit believes that all the opportunities for the team: “You don’t think it’s like to take a period of time. Do you want to prepare before each game? At the end, I will take the exam on Sunday, so do you have time this week? Do you have to spend it with your family but I can’t do this? Because I have to go to the examination room next week. ”

Rich was in cheap nfl jerseys from china for 8 seasays. The last season was touched by people who thought he would completely left the stadium. For the old future of this 8 years of career, his most famous is the most dirty player selected as a league in 2009, and 2013 Events with teammates with teammates. Jonathan Martin.

“As I said earlier, this is what we have to find solutions in creative methods. Whether I will conduct more teams to fight training & mdash; & mdash; I will have two times during the training camp. Training, “said Pederson in an interview. “I have to hold more to fight training, let our young players, let us need to assess the players to participate in these training. I have to find ways to simulate the game in training, because we can’t make a preseason. This will definitely do it. Arrived. Our coach group will play an idea, and we will eventually find the answer you need at the end of the training camp. ”

This year, excavation of young players who can make contributions will be more difficult. Because if the team is affected by the new crown, the spending group players may play a bigger role, finding a good player can play a necessary task in the training camp.

Eagle coach: Consider holding more in training camps to fight training
In view of this year, there will be no preseason, the coaches of each team need to find new ways to make the team prepare for the new season while assessing the qualifications of competition.

[A version of the column] crow VS steel person: After the overturner, force the strongest triple group
Last weekend, the domestic football event fierce is on, NFL has entered the spriring period before the playoff, and the steel crow war is as follows. The two sides have played this season. This season may be the most thrilling competition, and the battle to the last second. Life and death are not divided, by me to take you in the game:

“We have started training camp, or wearing a training camp in wearing armor, from the perspective of making players to get a success in the scene, I have to do what I think the most favored team, which means we have to know Some of our players, especially young players, “Pederson said. “We have not seen these rookie performances at the scene. When we conduct training camps, we will compete with each other from the perspective of training camp, let players compete with each other and then look at their ability and then try to determine 53 people at the end of the training camp. It is my work as a coach. ”

Romo: The defense of the lion will test our strength
Dallas cowboy offensive front line is outstanding this season, whether it is impressive, whether in passing the ball protection or opening road. Denim ranks second in terms of scorpion code. This week’s opponent’s terraries lost the ground code to lead the league, this outer card will become a combination of needle tip to Mai Mai.

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