Should upholstery be cleaned?

When it’s time to clean upholstery, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

(1) Is it worth it or is it better to replace it?

(2) If it is worth it, how much will it cost?

(3) Does it need more than a normal cleaning or a corrective cleaning.

(4) Is the cost of the corrective cleaning really worth it and will it really look like new?

Now that you have asked the questions, let me answer them and give you some examples.

(Q) Does the cleaning really cost money?

(A) It depends on the personal value you place on the upholstery. For example, the average couch cleaning is fairly inexpensive. The average cost to clean a synthetic fiber sofa is between $65 and $100, depending on whether you have few or many cushions. Visit

(Q) How much does it cost to overpay?

(A) That also depends on how much you personally value the upholstery. You should always be wary of cheap furniture cleaning ads. If you call and make an appointment, you will hear a long story about why your upholstery will cost five times the advertised price. Trust the ads that state honest prices and services, such as no hidden fees. When choosing a company, it’s best to ask for several quotes and compare service and experience, even references. Remember, you can spend more money to get better results.

(Q) Conventional or restorative cleaning?

(A) Conventional cleaning works well in most cases for dark fibers. For light and almost always white fabrics, you can expect restorative cleaning. The difference is that cleaning white upholstery requires more time, more expensive solutions, and sometimes a completely different technique. White upholstery is very delicate and requires special attention when cleaning. Any good professional will spend some time to make sure they dry properly.

(Q) Is it worth it to do a re-leveling cleaning?

(A) I had a client who wanted an antique white couch cleaned. She called all the major companies in her area and one told her they couldn’t do it. Another told her $1800.00, a third told her $300.00 and would not be responsible for the damage, but if she was not satisfied after the couch was dry, she would not be charged. He also gave two recommendations for similar work and insisted that she call and not get distracted. I did and she called back and was satisfied.

The most important thing you need to know is that it’s hard enough to ruin a dark plastic blend sofa, but in the wrong hands, your white Haitian cotton chair can be ruined in no time. Then you have to choose between a random company and a company that specializes in high-quality furniture.

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