Rooster Tail Fishing Lures – A Review

Are you an avid (or even recreational) trout fisherman? If so, you must read this article. You must read this article because it will reveal to you which fishing lure works best for the trout fishing trip after the fishing trip!

There are various brands of fishing lures and there are even more colors, sizes, and shapes. However, there is really only one brand of fishing lure that you should use if you plan to fish for trout on a regular basis and that brand is the tried and true rooster tail bait lure rooster fish.

Now, there are many different colors and sizes of the rooster’s tail, but the size you should use for the trout is the 1/16 ounce version and the color should be black with a silver leaf. Stay away from gold leaves, they just don’t seem to work well for trout.

If you are trying to become a trout fishing master make sure you have several trout fishing lures in your arsenal, but ALWAYS make sure you have some black rooster tails somewhere because these trout lures are deadly.

I have found that rooster tail lures tend to work best when cast downstream and slowly recovering upstream. The erratic flickering caused by rooster tails when recovering through rapids is simply irresistible to trout. I can’t count how many times I’ve caught more than a dozen trout in one trip using just my favorite rooster tails!

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