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As for other packaging players, close-end Sternberger attended the training but did not debut. This second-grade neighborhood is also placed in a new crown reserve list. In addition, the packaging workers announced from the abandonment of the bidding of Travis Fulgham. Last season, as a rookie Fergam played 3 games for the Detroit Lion.

The Jehti’s 14th season of the career continues to be a key member of the packaging professional team. At last season, he successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully achieved a new career.

Bell said: “I feel there is room. Statistics don’t fully reflect the reality, because there are several twins lost the number of codes. But I think we have the effect of the ball. The other party’s mushroom is still very fierce, But this is not important. I think even if they know that we are going to drive the ball, the team’s strength is enough to throw the other party’s strength. “

Perhaps from Edrman’s experience we can see why do so like Braddy, his college period is quadruple, the last few rounds have been selected, and now it has become the first outer hand of Braddy, with Braddy’s previous period. A bumpy.

The steel man runs Guilijang – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) seems to have a little agreed with his comments. Bell won 46 yards 15 times in this game, quasi-Ben Roethlisberger, 5. Bell said that he believes that the number of trials of the punch is not enough, the efficient anti-jirt of the Jagujo does not let the team will step.

“No one mentions that game,” Demaryius Thomas “said to NFL official website. “You know, it was still the previous coach. Now there are a lot of new faces and new coaches. We haven’t talked this game. Even those people who have been in this team two years ago.”

After Edelmann: I love Braddy.
With the new England Patriots defeated Indianapolis Pony in the United States, Julian EDELMAN Aredentate their quarterly Tom Brady It is what he needs the first person to thank.

Security Wei T. J. Ward (T. J. Ward) is one of the defensive players who join the wild horse after the game. He didn’t feel the pain brought by that game. He knew that it is best not to file a game for teammates. “There are many players waiting in the team … I know they don’t want to recall this game again. So I know this means more,” Ward said. “Those players in the team are not needed for this game. They know what happened. Such performance will not be reproduced.”

After the game, I said: “Braddy is Braddy, he is the sixth round of the draft, many people exceed him, he is a super bowl winner, super bowl MVP, he can do not care about the super bowl, but he I hope that the next game will win. This is our leader, he is an incredible person, I really love this person, I can become a part of his team. “

When the reporter asked the Haying Team Coach Pete Carroll, Carol was also poured with the NFL’s plan for the Program of Robinson.
“I think this is basically impossible,” Carol said: “He has been 32 years old, I have never seen any people who have no professional football experience in this age. But if there is such a person may succeed If this is, this person is definitely NT-Robinson. He is a versatile athlete and has a very strong good heart. “Carrol then praised Robinson’s excellent ball skills and called him as an incredible athlete.

This season Robinson is mainly effective in the Israel Basketball League, but he is thinking about the plan of cheap nfl jerseys when he is in Europe. However, after 14 years did not get in touch with football, only a few teams have expressed interest in him. Although Robinson is the local people of Seattle, Carol is also recruited in the University of South California, but now it seems that this is not helpful to his professional football path.

Although the death of the wild horse will not forget the ugly competition, the fans are not doing things like the NFL team. Through almost military modifications, the players receive training that they are not distracted and ignore these distracted things. From all the perspectives, the lower competition is to rewrite history, not a history of history.

“This has become an past,” Danny Trevathan “said. “We have a new team, we now just pay attention to this game. This is not a good game. Everyone knows this, but we have to pay attention to the next game. I think no one will want to think about that game.”

Haiying’s main coach discussing the possibility of Trobinson into NFL
After two consecutive years, I can’t find a team that I am willing to retain my own team in NBA, ITR-Robinson change their goals to enter NFL.

Levian – Bell believes that the team is not enough.
After the Jigu Sunday 30-9 wins Pittsburgh Steelman, the Barry Church once said that Pittsburgh’s offensive option (20 times, after the trial of 57 times) In our master. “

Thomas should know the taste of the defeat. He is one of the horses’ offensive group members of the Hawie’s strong defending group. At that fiasco, the harmony of the wild horse can make a desire to defensive groups. Two years later, the style of the wild horses and the same time.

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