Know Why Natural Mosquito Repellents Are Better

If you have a garden or pool at your outdoor then you might have daily mosquito problems due to grass and moisture. Almost every one of us goes through the mosquito control service monthly depending upon the severity of the mosquito. We all know natural things are always safest as compared to chemical ones. There are also many varieties in natural Mosquito Spraying Plymouth County, you can seek expert advice if you are confused to choose the right one for your property.

  • They are free from harmful chemicals

Herbal mosquito repellents do not contain as many harmful substances as a typical store-bought mosquito repellent spray. The latter typically contains a dubious substance known as DEET (N-Diethyl-3-methylbenzamide), which can account for up to 23.8 percent of its components. It has been linked to skin and neurological health issues in studies. 

  • They don’t irritate the skin

The majority of natural repellents are derived from mosquito-repellent plants such as nepeta cataria (also known as Catnip or Catmint), eucalyptus, and others. They are gentle on the skin and help to prevent rashes, redness, and itching. Natural repellents are proven safe for almost everyone because they are tested by experts before supplying to the market.

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  • Safe for children, pets, and pregnant women

Chemicals in mosquito repellents, like all pesticides, are especially hazardous to pregnant women. Exposure to chemicals like Cyfluthrin, which is used in most repellents, can lead to adverse changes in the mothers’ glucose levels, as well as a reduction in red blood cells and liver damage. Choosing the right and safe natural pest control can be the trickiest part but natural mosquito control are almost safe for homes with kids, pets, and even pregnant lady.  

  • It’s equally effective as a chemical pest

Studies have shown that natural ingredients were equally effective as chemicals and natural mosquito control also offers long-term effects and relief from mosquitoes. 

  • They have a light soothing aroma

Natural mosquito repellent sprays, unlike conventional repellents, have a pleasant aroma that helps relieve stress and calms the body. Thus, the advantages of herbal mosquito repellents extend beyond simply repelling mosquitoes. Examine the repellent’s quality. Its efficacy is dependent on it. This entails looking at the ingredients and the concentration of the repelling ingredient and selecting the one with the highest concentration of the repelling ingredient.


Other than this, you can cultivate mosquito-repellent plants. But be cautious about what you grow. Poisonous leaves and berries can be found on some mosquito-repelling plants. It is not a good idea to have such plants around if you have children or pets. Herbs such as lemongrass, lavender, and thyme can also be grown. You can cook with it while also keeping mosquitoes at bay. You can also use candles that have been infused with herbal mosquito repellent. The number of candles required is determined by the size of the room. 

Lastly, if a natural thing doesn’t work for your environment then consult the Mosquito Control Cape Cod company to figure out the mosquito issue.

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Source: Know Why Natural Mosquito Repellents Are Better

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