Important Points You Should Know About Oud Wood Essential Oil

Oud wood fragrance cannot be compared with other floral fragrances like Lily, Prime Rose, or Jasmine. The extract of this fragrance comes from the wood part of the tree. It is not derived from the flower. So as compared to Lavender, Chamomile, and Tea tree, this fragrance is quite different.

 But this does not mean that it is not beneficial. It is also one of the most common fragrances sold in the market due to its unique health benefits. The Oud wood extract has been used since ancient times. You will also find this oil is described in the ancient Bible.

The common name of Oud wood is Agarwood. In English, this means that it is the scent of Nirvana. It has a lot of mythological values. This was the only scent that Adam was able to derive from the Eden Garden.

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About Oud Wood oil fragrance

The oil has a unique wooden fragrance. This is what makes the oil so unique, as it does not smell anything like a flower. The scent is earthy and raw. The scent is very much distinct and sweet. It has a very tang aroma. In traditional times, Oud Wood was one of the rarest fragrances that were used by emperors and sultans.

 At the present time, you will find a lot of youngsters and rock stars using this fragrance in the form of oil and scent. Top leading brands manufacture quality Oud Wood oil. The extract is used as a body rub and oil.

Origination of Oud Wood oil

The Agarwood or Oud wood oil is extracted from the bark of the tree. The oil is extracted as resin that is thick and dark in the shade. The oil is common in many parts in and around South Eastern Asian provinces. The oil is mainly extracted from the infected tree.

All Agar trees may never yield quality Oud wood oil. But some of the trees may get infected from a specific type of mold. The infected tree will start producing Oud wood oil which is then extracted. The oil is expensive and is thus named Liquid gold. As per stats, there are only over 2 percent or fewer Agarwood trees that will produce Oud wood oil. This is why the oil is so expensive, as it has to be produced only via natural processes.

 Wide variations of Oud wood oil

 The moment you search for Oud wood oil online, you will discover that it has over 30 different variants. Each type is extracted from a different type of Oud wood tree. The oil is completely organic and has to be extracted from deep forest reserves.

 In most cases, the production of this oil is also regulated by the authorities. Maintaining consistent intensity of producing this oil is never easy. If the tree does not get infected with the particular mold, then it will never produce essential oil.

The process of cultivation

 In general, the growing tree is not difficult, but some forms of trees may not grow on their own. They need specific temperature and climate conditions. The climatic conditions of the South Eastern Asian countries are very much favorable for Agarwood trees.

 At the present time, healthy trees are infected by mold. This is done under regulated conditions so the oil can be extracted. An only a healthy tree will produce quality Oud Wood essential oil.

Top uses of Oud wood oil

 The oil is organic. It is produced naturally. It offers numerous health benefits. Some of the best uses of this oil are mentioned below in brief.

 Medicinal herb

 Oil is the main ingredient in many different types of herbal medicines. It helps in curing many different conditions. The oil that is used in herbal medicine will be rich in many properties. Right intensity oil is only used.

 Helps cure inflammation

 You may not be able to use the Oud wood oil for curing pain as the condition may elevate. But all types of inflammation effects can be reduced with this oil. It is very much helpful in severe conditions like Arthritis.

Essential Oil Wizardry is also helpful in all types of microbial infections. You can use the oil to maintain a healthy skin condition. You should also purchase quality Agarwood essential oil from a reputable supplier.

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