How To Set Up SHAREit On Your PC

Make your life easier with multi-platform solutions. Apps like SHAREit allow you to transfer files from your mobile phone to your PC with ease. For instance, you can get photos, documents, and gaming apps from your phone to save much-needed storage space so it doesn’t slow down. Also, it’s much more convenient for you to figure out where to put your files once you transfer them to your laptop. Do they stay there? Or do you want to transfer them to an external hard drive?

Before you get to all that, the first step is to install the app on your unit. Here are easy instructions to help you set it up to start moving those files around.

Download the App

You need to download the app on both your PC and mobile phone. PC users can get this app on trustworthy app store. You can also get the latest version from the official website of SHAREit Group. Similarly, you can download SHAREit on your mobile device by searching it on the Google play store, and since it is one of the most downloaded android apps, you should not face hurdles. SHAREit is compatible with all these operating systems, but make sure you download the app that’s right for your Windows version. Once done, you can easily facilitate android to PC file transfer.


Install the App

Install the setup file once you’ve finished downloading it. After this, you will get a desktop icon for SHAREit. Tips will also begin to pop up on the screen. If you don’t want to deal with all that right now, you can click “don’t show the box again.” You can also put the file somewhere else, maybe in your Apps folder, then go to settings and change the destination folder. Keeping things organized makes it easier for you to find your setup files.

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Pick the Latest Version

If you want to make sure everything goes smoothly, pick the latest version for your units. That way, you always get the latest updates. However, you’ll need to check if the version is compatible with your devices. If that isn’t the case, then getting an older version will do. Once that’s in place, SHAREit will start searching for devices in your network. Click on the mobile symbol when that happens, and it should show you a QR code on your desktop.

Here are all the features you will get with the latest version of SHAREit:

  1. On your mobile device, you will be able to stream HD videos using the SHAREit app. These videos are engaging and encompass various genres, including regional content, gaming videos, comedy bites, and more.
  2. You can also use the app’s gaming centre to download all the latest games. These games are up for grabs with the users undergoing stringent signing up processes.
  3. The latest features of SHAREit also enable users to share files with multiple users simultaneously.


Link Your Phone and PC

Open the SHAREit app on your phone. Then click connect to PC. The mobile app should start searching for devices, too. If nothing pops up, though, click ‘Scan to Connect.’ Then scan the QR code on your desktop. When the name of your desktop comes up on the screen, click that. It’ll show you a popup box that says: “Would you accept (name of the PC)’s connection request?”

That’s you, so click accept. That’s it. Now the two devices are connected. You can start sharing files. Please test it out to see which files go through quickly. What’s the limit on the file size? Where do they end up? Pick a file from the Photos of Files option on your phone and send it. Does it go through? Do it in reverse. Pick a file from your PC and send that. With SHAREit, you won’t need to link the two devices together with a USB cable or internet connection.

If you still face any challenges setting SHAREit for PC, visit our official SHAREit website and go to help page.


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