How to Reset Password in Mozilla Thunderbird?

Mozilla’s open-source, cross-stage email client, Thunderbird, is a common alternative to Microsoft’s Outlook and a favorite of many small businesses. Defined as “stretchy, powerful, and foamy” dissimilar to several other email clients, Mozilla Thunderbird email support does not provide the opportunity to enter the server’s password when configuring an account. In its place, the software will be ready for a password the first time it needs it.

If you choose to save the password in Thunderbird’s password manager, the application will enter it automatically upon future logins. Must you ever modification your email provider’s password—or if you’ve inadvertently entered and saved the wrong password—you’ll need to reset the password in Thunderbird. The lone way to do this is to erase it in a password manager and enter a new one when prompted.

Enter a new password. Check the check box next to “Use a password manager to remember this password” if you want Thunderbird to save and automatically enter it every time you log in. “Click OK.

Change Mozilla Thunderbird email password

Inopportunely, Thunderbird doesn’t provide the option to edit a previously saved password, which is why you should first delete the previously saved password and then add the new password you want to use.

In this seminar, we are going to asylum this entire procedure for you and finally, you will be able to change the saved password for any of your email accounts.

This example receives that you have already configured an email account in Thunderbird and that you have already saved a password for that email account.

Let’s start by accessing the Saved Passwords configuration window. It is available under Tools menu → Options.

And in the afresh unlocked window, you will need to choose Safety → Passwords → Saved Passwords.

The Saved Passwords button will bring up a window with the name of the button where you will find all the saved passwords for your email accounts. Please remove them all by clicking on Remove All button.

You will now need to restart Thunderbird completely in order to clear the password cache used by the mail client.

When you start Thunderbird you will be asked to enter your password for your email account.

And after doing this your email account will use the new password.

Congratulation! You must positively change the Mozilla Thunderbird password for your email account.

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