How to deal with the Stigma around Erectile dysfunction and its treatment?

The number of people suffering from erectile dysfunction is growing rapidly and there are many different types of treatments available for treating this condition. But despite these advancements in the science of medicines and treatments, the stigma around erectile dysfunction and its treatment are almost the same as it was in the past century. 

Erectile dysfunction is still treated as a condition that implies a weakness of manhood and a lack of masculinity.

Who is to be blamed for treating this common yet distressing condition as a weakness and a curse?

The obvious answer is the lack of proper awareness and information. Many men across the world don’t want to recognize that erectile dysfunction is nothing but a medical condition and the functioning of their male organ does not define the strength of their masculinity. 

What exactly is erectile dysfunction and why are men so ashamed of it? 

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that deals with the functioning of a man’s sex organ, men who suffer from this condition are unable to have erections or have weaker erections, which make them unable to perform in bed and satisfy their partner.

The fact that men have seen sexual relationships as conquests made since centuries in the past, they associate their sexual prowess as a mark of their masculinity, as a symbol of their superior manhood. 

When a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, he feels inferior in his own eyes as he falls short on the standards of manhood that he has set for himself. Apart from this, when a man is unable to perform his sexual duties in bed for his spouse, he feels inadequate and we all know how much men love to feel like heroes in the eyes of their loved ones.

Thus a feeling of inferiority and the inability to fulfill the carnal needs of his partner makes a man suffering from erectile dysfunction ashamed of himself.

Why do men find it difficult to discuss this problem and seek help in the form of the various treatments of erectile dysfunction? 

Men are creatures of pride and they put a lot of faith in the display of power. Many men associate sexual prowess as a mark of personal strength and a certificate of manhood. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction thus feel inferior in their own eyes and do not discuss it out in open or seek help due to the fear of discovery as well as judgment. 

It is quite sad to share that even in this day and age; many men are mocked and ridiculed by other men, family members as well as their partners if they are unable to perform in bed. Thus men have often been reported to hide the fact that they have this condition from their friends, and partner due to the fear of judgment from the society and lack of empathy from their loved ones. 

These social conditions make men afraid of accepting this medical condition and seeking out treatment for it which creates various other problems such as various mental health issues such as inferiority complex and depression. Some men choose violence as a form of outlet for their sexual frustrations which gives rise to relationship problems, divorce, and domestic abuse. 

How to seek treatment to avoid these disturbing consequences?

There are many types as well as forms of treatments available or erectile dysfunction in men and when you approach a doctor, he or she will diagnose your condition, find out the cause of the condition and determine the severity of your condition. After factoring in all these conditions, he or she will prescribe a treatment that is optimal for you. 

If your condition is caused by psychological issues then counseling and therapies will be prescribed to you. If it caused by an underlying disease, you will be informed to seek treatment for diseases such as diabetes or clogged arteries. If your condition is a result of low levels of testosterone, you will be given the male sex hormone in the form of injection for your treatment. 

If your condition is on a severe range, then implants and surgeries may also be prescribed to you. 

The first line of treatment of erectile dysfunction, as well as the most prescribed one, is oral drugs. 

Oral treatments of erectile dysfunction mostly consist of the PDE5 inhibiting drugs which have been named as Sildenafil citrate, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil among others. 

These drugs were first sold only as their branded forms which are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra and they were hugely successful due to their convenient form of usage and quick effectiveness. The only drawback to these branded medicines for erectile dysfunction was their price, which often broke the patient’s bank. 

To combat this major hurdle to accessible and effective treatment of erectile dysfunction, generic brands of these PDE5 inhibiting drugs were introduced in the market such as Vidalista 20 and Vidalista 60 which contain the active ingredient Sildenafil citrate and Tadalafil respectively. Just like the branded ones the generic medication containing Sildenafil remains high popular such as Cenforce 100, which is available in tablet form, and Kamagra Oral Jelly which is offered in delicious flavors. 

Online Shopping has Made Seeking Erectile dysfunction treatment much easier now.

Earlier men found it difficult to buy medications from the local pharmacist due to fear of judgment as well as discovery. But the current trend in online shopping has made this aspect completely private and discreet, now men can buy oral treatments for erectile dysfunction from online pharmacies after comparing prices and getting the best deals, with orders delivered to their doorsteps discreetly and safely. 

Thus awareness about the condition, support of the partner, and easy access to the treatments can help in breaking down the stigma around erectile dysfunction and its treatment. Visit:

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