How to Counteract Borderline Behavior Patterns (Part 2)

The second and third predominant borderline behavior patterns are hypersensitivity to stress and impulsive gratification. What do these two behavior patterns look like, and do they look similar to your own? How can you, or a loved one change these destructive habits?

As stated in the Part 1 article on, “ How to Counteract Borderline Behavior Patterns” the first step in the counteraction of harmful habit patterns is to design your own Positive Affirmation Slogan (PAS) for each of your borderline behavior patterns. The four borderline behavior patterns are; relationship control phobia (RCP), distorted self-image, hypersensitivity to stress, and impulsive gratification. Each PAS you develop allows you to construct new mental images of your behavior and or yourself images that you can then retrieve on demand. In short, PASes are personal positive advertisements for your mind in the presence of negative thoughts.

How to counter hypersensitivity to stress. The psychological objective is to calm your anger, tension, and fear. You need to reduce your physiological response to stressors: keep your breath, heart rate, and muscle tension in a relaxed range. You need to be able to cue yourself at the earliest signs of stress to kick back and relax. Of course, SDB (Slow Deep Breathing) practice is an essential component of stress management. In fact, your SDB key phrase is a PAS. Some suggested PASes for stress hypersensitivity are:

  • I am calm and relaxed.
  • I float above stress.
  • I will not fear; I will face my fear.
  • I will let fear pass over me and through me.
  • I am protected.
  • I see beyond the stress.
  • Stress is only temporary; I will prevail.
  • I am free of the old me.

The main theme to explore is that you are tougher than the stress; you can outlast it, or as Arnold Schwarzenegger said in The Terminator, “I’ll be back.”

How to counter impulsive gratification. The psychological objective is to persuade yourself that you can live better without self-inflicted pain or self-injurious pleasure-seeking. You need to see that you can enjoy life without self-destructive crutches. Some impulsive gratification Positive Affirmation Slogans you could use are:

  • I will not hurt myself.
  • I will care for myself.
  • I will keep my body and mind healthy.
  • I do not obey my impulses.
  • I love my life.
  • I am free of alcohol.
  • I am free of drugs.
  • Stop my impulses.
  • Addiction is death.

How and when to use your PAS. As discussed in the Part 1 article, write one PAS from each of your meaningful positive affirmation slogans. Remember to post the ads in places where you will see them frequently. Copy each key PASes on self-sticking notepaper and place them in areas you know you will find them regularly. For example, place one of your PASes on the bottom of your sock drawer, in your car, on the refrigerator– anywhere you will “discover” them daily. Think creatively about how you can surprise yourself with your slogans, and make them a part of your personality.

The more you repeat and interact with your Positive Affirmation Slogans, the more effective they will be. Gradually, your slogans will push aside the negative affirmations you learned as a child. As your destructive memories fade away, it will become easier for you to enjoy healthy relationships, think of yourself as a stable and good person who is able to manage stress without feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

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