How 3D Monitors Work

There is a new kind of LCD display that can turn computer games into a 3D virtual reality type of experience. This monitor works with polarized glasses, and the 3D image may appear to have depth or pop out of the monitor. It creates depth in the image by displaying a different image in each eye, simulating how the brain perceives depth.

When a person sees a three-dimensional object, he sees the object from two different angles. He set his eyes pretty close, but when he closes one eye and the other he sees two slightly different images. The brain can immediately analyze the difference between the two images and detect the approximate distance each object is from the viewer, which creates our perception of depth. So the key to a 3D monitor is to show each eye a separate image taken simultaneously from a camera a few inches away.

Creating an image to display for each eye is the simple part. The 3D display driver can quickly create images from two different angles within the game. The tricky part is getting the correct image for each eye. Newer types of 3D gaming monitors use polarization to do this.

Polarization relates to directing a light wave at a specific angle. Light travels in waves, and the light waves emitted by the monitor are polarized as they roll in one direction gaming monitor under 400$. A polarizing lens is a filter that can either allow or block light waves depending on its direction.

For a 3D display, the light in the image displayed by the left eye is polarized at an angle of 135 degrees. Light from the right eye is polarized at a 45 degree angle. The lens is configured to allow light coming in from a precise angle and completely block light coming in at a 90 degree angle. This method allows the 3d monitor to display an image that appears gray to the naked eye, but when viewed through a polarized lens it will be completely black to the left eye and completely white to the right.

The end result is that the monitor simply shows a separate flat image for each eye, but the effect is amazing. Depending on the option you choose, the game will appear to pop out of or into the monitor. This second option is much more popular, and many games seem to see another world through a window.

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