Hair Systems For Women That Are Only One Week Away!

Choosing the best and quickest hair system for women is a very crucial choice for women. One wrong step can affect your appearance drastically, even putting inconveniences and discomfort in front of you.

There are a variety of stylish and durable hair systems from which you can make a choice. It includes weaves, toppers, falls, extensions and full wigs. These hair systems are high-quality products made with extensive expertise by top professionals.

Moreover, the hair system distributors like NewTimes Hair leaves no stone unturned to provide effective & efficient human hair wigs to their customers. If you’re looking for the best, trendy hair systems that you can get within a week, given below are the options that can make you feel confident and good.

Best Options For Hair System For Women

  1. Stock Wigs

There are many styles under the stock hair system available online, which are high quality with affordable prices. Moreover, it takes less than a week for the product to reach your doorsteps. Once the payment has been made, the selected stock wigs will be shipped for delivery within 24 hours.


  1. Lace Systems

This hair system for women is available in various styles and colours according to your requirement. The lacing system styles are comfortable, light and breathable. Therefore, your appearance will look purely natural, and you can afford the custom based order in the quickest time.

Moreover, the delivery will be available on your doorsteps within a week after you place your order and complete the payment procedure.

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  1. Women’s Skin Systems

Various hair toppers are available made up of Chinese human hair as per your needs in these categories. Moreover, the system includes the feature of ventilation on the base of the skin, which gives the realism effect in whichever way the hair is parted.

This hair system comprises the best quality Chinese hair, which gives shiny, smooth and a good texture. Furthermore, the product will reach you at the earliest possible time. The shipment will be made within a day of your payment.


  1. Silk Base Wigs

The silk-based wigs consist of a silk top as the base whose folded lace front, mono and ribbon give durability to the base. Its PU is of utmost convenience in attaching and removing without causing any harm to your scalp. Moreover, its under-hair feature at the front edge makes it almost impossible for anyone to detect the base cover.

Furthermore, the silk base wings are regarded as one of the most efficient methods of natural ventilation. Its extraordinary design makes it realistic and comfortable. Also, the products reach your doorsteps in less than a week of placing the order.


  1. Women’s Mono Systems

The many styles under women’s mono systems are made with the highest quality Chinese human hair. The ventilation system in these styles is comforting and gives a realistic approach. Its fine mono is one of the best durable base products in the hair system market.

Moreover, its light and under hair feature will make you more comfortable while expressing yourself.  The shipping of your hair system style is generally carried out within 24 hours of the payment procedure and will reach your doorstep within a week time or even less!


  1. Hair Integration Systems

The hair integration systems are the most effective solutions for your thinning or balding hairs. Moreover, these styles are the best suitable alternative to surgical procedures as they provide a whole natural hair look compared to conventional wigs or hairpieces.

Furthermore, the manufacturer can adjust the netting weave of these hairpieces as wider or denser depending on the level of your thin hair. This efficient hair system for women will keep you away from the pain or the inconvenience that a surgical procedure can cause. Your hairpiece will be shipped for delivery shortly within 24 working hours once you have made the payment.


If you are looking for the hair system styles that you can own in a week, then NewTimes Hair is the right stop for you. It’s a professional wig manufacturer that can customise your hairpiece according to your suitability and comfort.

Moreover, you can get your delivery in the least possible time with extreme efficiency and durability. So, order today and get your ideal wig match!

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