Top 9 Fragrant Night Blooming Blossoms for Your Home

We all like visually interesting, textured, and colorful gardens during the daytime, but have you ever imagined how your lawn looks in the evening or night? Night-blooming blossoms are more scented than day-blooming flowers and can reflect the starlight, adding a hue to your celebration. The desire to tempt nighttime insects that must find them in the night is one of the reasons night-blooming blossoms are more scented. Here are the top fragrant night-blooming flowers for your home.

Nottingham Catchfly

Even during June and July, these beautiful blossoms bloom. During the daytime, Nottingham Catch Flies are closed but open in the evening or late at night. Each bloom has five yellowish blossoms with prickly leaves on every petal. You can try out the best flower delivery in Kerala to get these beautiful blossoms.

Evening Primrose

The flowers of the evening primrose plant open fast, which means you can stand on your balcony in the evening and relish the show as the evening primrose yellow blossoms open right in front of your eyes. The flowers will then remain open until about midday the next day. This flower commonly attracts pollinators, including butterflies, moths, and bees, and blooms from late spring to late summer.

Blossoms of The Dragon Fruit

The huge dragon fruit blossoms flourish in zones 10a to 11, but they become limp in the temperature above 100 °. This shrub only sprouts once a year, and the blossoms that bloom in the dark are the most aromatic. You can get the best flower delivery in Bangalore to get the blossoms of dragon fruit for your home.


This genus of aromatic belongs to the nighttime, also recognized as night-blooming blossoms. This tropical nightshade has aromatic and small white blossoms that bloom against a leathery green and dark background. Keep this plant near the window, patio, or porch to enjoy its intoxicating aroma at night.


Nicotiana is a type of shrub that includes tobacco shrubs utilized for making cigarettes and cigars, but the variation that is smoked is commonly not counted among the options accessible at your regional garden center. Nicotiana can be lifted and reset in another soil from nursery shrubs, which is the quickest way to add hue to your garden. The blossoms that bloom in the dark commonly come in colors of red, green, pink, or white and have a strong aroma that entices night insects to your garden. If you keep them near your porch, you will be able to relish the blossoms.

Water Lilies

This night-blooming blossom comes in colors, including deep crimson red, purple, and pink. This beautiful bright blossom floating in the water looks magical at night. Each bloom has 19–20 blossoms and has a mildly foul fragrance. The water lilies are huge. They can vary in size from 24 to 144 inches in diameter. You can avail the best flower delivery in Gurgaon to get water lilies for your home.


Primrose plants mature to be 35 to 60 inches tall. Its long stem is both delicate and robust. The plant blooms between July and August. This bright yellow-colored night-blooming blossom doesn’t do magic in the daytime. During the dark, the blossoms are also strongly perfumed. The night primrose plant was grown for its tasty roots and oil. The plants come in a total of 145 varieties. And that’s why everyone thinks that lovely blossoms bloom only at night.

Epiphyllum oxypetalum

One of the prominent kinds of epiphyllum, epiphyllum oxypetalum, typically recognized as the Queen of the Night flower, is a night-blooming perennial cereus with aromatic and large flowers that open for the duration of a single night. This succulent has amazing blossoms, which have a lovely aroma and can be up to 0.75 feet in diameter when open.


The Moonflowers are night-blooming, fragrant, and beautiful blossoms that mature best in the United States. They bloom at twilight and close in the sunrise, as their name implies. The beautiful white-pink blossoms are also reminiscent of a Moon. They bloom in the summer and spring. The Moonflowers, too, produce a delightful aroma that lasts as the night progresses.


This list of aromatic flowers that bloom only at night will help you to create a fragrant moon and lovely garden! You can also check out MyFloralKart’s website for more information about night-blooming flowers. They deliver these aromatic flowers at affordable prices.

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