Fix [8O6-3O4-3832] McAfee Drive Encryption Fatal ERROR 0xEE800004 or 0XEE020006

[Dial: 8O6-3O4-3832] How to McAfee Drive Encryption Fatal ERROR

McAfee is one of the very famous and popular security applications across the world, McAfee offers various kinds of security tools/software/applications for different uses like- McAfee Antivirus is used to protect PC from virus attacks, McAfee Internet Security is used to identify suspicious or malware sites, McAfee Total Protection is used to protect your computer from unwanted data theft, secure banking, and virus protection, etc. McAfee products are really very good but when you need McAfee technical support then the question is how would you contact McAfee customer service? See there are many options to get in touch with McAfee customer support, following are the most common and popular ways to connect with McAfee Support

Common Errors of McAfee Endpoint Encryption:

  • Endpoint Encryption no boot disk was found.
  • McAfee Repair disk information.
  • Issues with the McAfee Encryption recovery disk
  • McAfee drive encryption fatal error.
  • McAfee drives encryption 7.2 EETECH.
  • Drive encryption 7.2 DETECH.
  • Issues with the McAfee drive encryption 7.1 emergency boot.
  • MCAfee drive encryption fatal error 0xee020002.
  • FATAL ERROR 0xEF000008
  • Fatal Error [0xEE0D0001] Failed to read Registry File
  • McAfee drive Encryption. Fatal error 0xEE0E0001 failed

Simple Steps to Fix Mcafee Drive Encryption Fatal Error?

If you are facing an issue in McAfee encryption after encryption is installed on the laptop it crashes after the first boot and it’s showing an encryption error message on the black display screen “Mcafee drive encryption Fatal Error [0xEE020006] Getting Disk info ” this occurred after Encryption installed and the First reboot…….

Here We have mentioned 6 simple steps that will help to solve it.

This error is caused by a disk access issue. The specific cause would be unique to the make/model of the system that you are using. As a starting point, search for the error you are receiving or the model number of the system you are using to see if this issue has previously been investigated and resolved. If not, these troubleshooting steps may help:

Step 1. Ensure the SATA Operational Mode is set to AHCI. If it is set to ATA you may need to reimage the system as Windows could experience a BSOD as the AHCI drivers may not be available.

Step 2. Update the BIOS (UEFI Firmware)

Step 3. Update the HDD firmware

Step 4. Ensure the IRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) Storage driver is installed.

Step 5. Update Drive Encryption to (The latest release), check in the Hardware Compatability XML (Attached to KB81900), and emergency boot or reactivate MDE on the system.

Step 6. If the system is in Legacy UEFI mode (BIOS emulation), decrypt and deactivate Drive Encryption, enable Preboot Smart Check on the system, and reactivate.

As SafeBoot stated, knowing the architecture of the system is useful. If you have the disk set to GPT and BIOS set to Legacy UEFI, the system will be unstable. Likewise, if the disk is MBR and you are booting UEFI Native, the system will also be unstable. You can check in the BIOS how the system is booting. Lrun:

bcdedit -enum

This will show the Windows Boot Loader.

UEFI Native= \windows\system32\winload.efi

Legacy BIOS= \WINDOWS\system32\winload.exe

The boot loader must match the boot type listed in the BIOS.

When you click on any of the options to authenticate or use emergency boot then you may see the above-mentioned errors If you still need help with the error e002000a Endpoint Encryption disk information not present, then contact McAfee Support.

Ways to Connect with McAfee Customer Support-

Visit Official Website– If you have any questions regarding your McAfee account, service issue, refund issue, or problem with your subscription visit the official website of McAfee and get your issue resolved, answering your call may take some time (due to heavy calls).

McAfee Live Chat Support– We’re an independent third-party technical support provider, we have also the facility of live chatting with the technical experts, we provide safe and secured McAfee chat support.

McAfee Phone Support– Our team of experienced technicians can help you by free troubleshooting, you can call McAfee [do not allow word] 1-8O6-3O4-3832, and our technical helpline is available 24×7.

McAfee Community– McAfee Community is a place where all the McAfee users can discuss their issues and problems, McAfee customers can also reply, comment, or post their problem-solving views, etc. Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) can also be found here.

McAfee Knowledge Center– Here you can search for some articles/ updates related to your McAfee Products, McAfee Knowledge Center also offers the product guide, product uses, etc.

McAfee Social Media Help– McAfee is a product of Intel and it offers help on Social Media as well, you can connect with McAfee Customer Support on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, etc. You can also subscribe to McAfee Support on Youtube for video tutorials.

McAfee [do not allow word]– For any technical assistance or any issue with your subscription can be resolved by contacting McAfee [do not allow word] email here you can write us about your any issue regarding McAfee Security or its other products.

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