First part of the homemade self-tanning application: What you will need to prepare.

  • Your preferred self-tanner : To see which ones we recommend, click here to see the best self-tanners.
  • Exfoliating cream : helps remove dead skin cells that will give you a more even tanned tone.
  • Disposable Latex or Self Tanning Applicator Gloves : They are very cheap. You can also try a “tanning sponge,” but we find that gloves work better.
  • Lotion strap, magic wand or sponge : They are used so that you can reach your back if you do not have someone to help you.
  • Vaseline: Used to protect the eyebrows from tanning lotion.
  • Tissues: The normal Kleenex type works best.
  • Headband: To keep your hair out of your face.
  • Dryer: So you can speed up the drying process a bit when you’re done.
  • Mirror: So you can see what you are doing!
  • Time: Make sure you have about an hour for preparation and application on your skin. And then a few hours for the product to dry and start working. The best time to do this is before bed so that you can leave the product on overnight . You don’t want your clothes to get chopped, so don’t put your clothes on until it’s dry.

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