Drawing a Room With Pencil Tool

If you are planning a repair drawing a room or decide to move the furniture, it is essential to show the result before starting work. At the same time, your idea alone will not be enough because you need to clearly show the impact and develop a plan of action from it for the task to be successful. Therefore, you need to make drawing a room with pencil furniture. Let’s try to figure out how to do it right.


The first thing we will need when deciding to drawing a room design is to develop a visual perspective. But first, let’s determine why it’s necessary, what it is.

What is a prospect?

This is a unique distortion of proper proportions and a change in the shape of the objects in the picture. It is done to make the image more realistic. For example, in a perspective image, a straight path will connect at a point extending to the horizon.

The frontal perspective indicates that all the image elements correspond to a point, which is called the missing point. At this stage, it should be learn that there is also a perspective angle. Although the construction principle of these two species is identical, they have diversity and should not be confused. For the grade, use two missing points and alignment, which allows you to create the depth of the image.

So, let’s see how to create an authentic three-dimensional room on a flat sheet of paper in the form of drawing a room with a pencil tool.

Drawing a room

Let’s try to describe any fantasy room, but let’s prepare a little for a start.

What do you need?

To create a plan, we need a little:

  1. Some good fair, simple pencils with varying softness.
  2. The eraser to remove unwanted lines, fix the sketch.
  3. Manager for cool drawing straight lines.
  4. Colored pencils if you want to color the drawing a room.
  5. Pencil height.
  6. Some sheets of paper on which you will work.

Preparation is complete – you can get to work. A simple sequence of actions will help you to do this.


  1. First, we turn to the room’s back wall, using a ruler, draw two horizontal lines that will be parallel to the top of our sheet.
  2. We draw two vertical lines parallel to the parts of the sheet, respectively. Ultimately, we should get a square.
  3. In the middle of our square, we put a point. He will be the reference point for drawing a room with furniture.
  4. Next, draw two lines of pencil diagonally from one corner to the other without intense pressure so that they penetrate the reference.
  5. After that, we can erase all the lines inside the square, leaving only the missing point located in the middle. We got a sketch of the room in perspective, but this was just the beginning.
  6. Next, we start making the door frame. When working, do not press the pencil hard so that you have a chance to correct the picture in case you make a mistake. Please note that we draw volume, so removing the bottom of the door or doorway should be slightly wider than the top.
  7. In the same way, we draw the floor, walls while always remembering to create the illusion of volume.
  8. From the disappearing point, draw a slightly visible line up to the near side of the door. It will be a support for the rest of the drawing a room with furniture.
  9. Draw a window opening. It is usually located opposite the door. Remember to create volume and make the bottom lines more significant than the top.
  10. Using horizontal and vertical stripes, draw slopes for windows and doors. In the same way, sketch the stairs.
  11. For drawing stairs, the back wall of the room can be taken as the basis. We draw horizontal and vertical lines according to his pattern to get the back of the stairs.
  12. Next, we use our reference again. All corners of the stair steps will be drawn with support. Sketches are made from point to edge, and then – the extra lines are removed.
  13. To give our drawing a room with clarity furniture, we go around all the corners, make them sharper, and shade the shadows’ areas, depending on where the lamps are located.

Cool drawing idea the sketch is almost ready. If the result is not enough for you, you can try several times: rearrange things in the figure, adjust another lighting. Then you can try sketching in your room.

We sketch a natural object:

  1. To get started, find a convenient point where you are visible in the room.
  2. Position yourself comfortably, as you will need to keep the sheet still for a few hours.
  3. Also, place the paper so that when you squeeze one eye, parallel, or better, it coincides with the farthest corner of the room.
  4. Next – without moving the sheet from one place, draw all the elements you see in the room: walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, fabric, and lighting.
  5. Then – you can relax a bit. The sheet must be scanned and a copy printed. The scan sheet is painted with a pencil, adding details, light, and shadow.


If you’re going to make a renovation, you don’t have to think about how the furniture will look. It is more important here that it fits into a given space, so it will be easier and more convenient to draw a furnished room with a pencil – a top view.

We need

Everything is straightforward here:

  • tape measure for measuring natural objects;
  • erasable and fair pencils;
  • sharpener;
  • leading;
  • paper on which we will draw a plan and a sheet in a cage.

Having prepared everything you need, we start work.

Sequence of actions

The task is quite simple if you are careful about the size and follow these steps:

  1. The first step is to draw on the sheet the shape of your room with all the bends of the walls.
  2. Next, use a tape measure to measure all the dimensions of the walls, write them on drawing a room of a furnished room.
  3. Then – the location of batteries, riser, windows, and doors are marked on the sketch. The square involved in opening the door is drawn as a quarter of a circle and shade.
  4. Don’t forget to mark the diagram where the sockets and switches are located.
  5. Next, we move on to measuring furniture dimensions. If there are no niches in the room, then the height of things does not matter.
  6. But the height of the room needs to be measured and marked next to the drawing.
  7. After all the measurements, take a piece of paper in a cage or drawing paper and draw a neat drawing a room. To do this, select the optimal size. A ratio of 1:20 is considered convenient, but you can choose whatever is suitable for you.
  8. We use a pencil and a ruler and draw the room’s perimeter according to the chosen scale.
  9. Next, we moved from the sketch all the furniture, windows, doors, and sockets. You can use a compass to indicate where the door opens.
  10. The final step is to remove the jagged lines with an eraser and drawing a room mark about the size and actual size.

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