[Dial: 8O6-3O4-3832] Canceling an AVG subscription via your AVG Account

[Dial: 8O6-3O4-3832] Canceling an AVG subscription via your AVG Account

This article explains how to cancel an AVG subscription via your AVG Account. If you do not have an AVG Account, you need to create one before following the steps below. For instructions, refer to the following article:

If you do not want to create an AVG Account, you can cancel your AVG subscription by contacting AVG Support.TIP:Canceling your subscription before the next billing date ensures you will not be charged for a new subscription period.

Cancel via your AVG Account

  1. Sign in to your AVG Account using the link below:If you do not know the password for your AVG Account, refer to the following article:
  2. Select the Subscriptions tile.
  3. Locate the AVG subscription that you want to cancel.

    If the subscription does not appear on the My Subscriptions screen, refer to the Still need help? section below.
  4. Click Unsubscribe under the subscription that you want to cancel.If you do not see the Unsubscribe button, refer to the Still need help? section below.
  5. Select Unsubscribe from future renewals and let my subscription expire on MM/DD/YYYY, and click Confirm.
  6. Click Got It.

Your subscription is now canceled. You receive confirmation of the cancellation by email.NOTE:If you have multiple AVG subscriptions, you need to repeat the steps above for each subscription that you want to cancel.

When the subscription is canceled, the status changes to Expiring. You can continue to use your paid AVG products until the expiry date that is shown next to Expires on. After this date, you will either lose access to your AVG products, or your AVG products will switch to the free version.

Still need help?

If this article did not help you to cancel your subscription, refer to the relevant section below according to your issue:

I do not see the subscription I want to cancel

Try one of the possible solutions below:

  • Manage a missing subscription: Your AVG Account displays the AVG subscriptions that are linked to the email address you use to sign in to the account. If you do not see the subscription that you want to cancel, it may be linked to a different email address. We recommend creating a new AVG Account with the same email address that you provided at checkout (this is the email address where you received the order confirmation email after purchase). For instructions, refer to the following article:
  • Contact AVG Support: If you are still unable to cancel the subscription via your AVG Account, you can contact AVG Support and request that the subscription is canceled. Click the link below to open the AVG Sales Support form:

I do not see the Unsubscribe button

If the Unsubscribe button does not appear under the subscription that you want to cancel, we recommend contacting AVG Support for further assistance.




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