Best Economics Essay Topics For 2021-22

Economics essay writing is an important part of a student who is pursuing economics studies, whether in high school or college. Many students consider it annoying to write an essay on economics. 


They get frustrated when they have to decide on a topic. Sometimes they do not understand which topic is best to consider to explain more with minimum text.


To write an excellent essay on economics you need to ensure whether you have sufficient material or not. You need to choose a topic that deserves your analysis and explanation and can get economics assignment help. Your essay should be eye-catching so that it can grab the attention of the reader.


 If you are still confused about choosing the best topic for your essay, then you are at the right spot as we are going to discuss some interesting and valuable economics essay topics.


In the last couple of years, one thing that affected the economy of most nations is the Covid-19 pandemic. This disease is responsible for the staggering economy of many nations. 


So, it can be a major thing to consider in your essay. Before talking about the different topics on economics, let’s see how we should choose an economical essay topic. 


How to choose the Best economics essay topics?


It’s a little bit puzzling to choose the best topic, but one thing that can help you in this way is the Internet. When you have to write an essay, you should spend some time on the Internet to get ideas about current topics. For example, you are watching coronavirus updates on the Internet. 


From these updates, you can get your topic. You can relate this problematic time with economics, and it can be the best topic for you.  It will inform your reader that you are updated with current affairs. By choosing a new and current topic instills the reader with the thrust to know something new.


So it will be constructive for you to search on the Internet first to consider a relevant topic. In addition, you can also get some advice from experts with the samples and can modify them with your analytical power. 


Let’s discuss some best economics essay topics-


Macroeconomics Topics-


We categorize the economics subject into two branches: macroeconomics and microeconomics. So, you can choose any topic from either of these branches. Below are some topics for you.


  1. What is the relation between the Covid-19 and Trade?


  1. What are the reasons for a global recession?


  1. How does Covid-19 affect employment in nations?


  1. What are the effects of government expenses on the economic growth in various countries?


  1. What factors are involved in the evolution of the stock market in India, and what are the consequences?


Microeconomics Topics-


Microeconomics is not as important as macroeconomics because it studies the economic behavior of individual units such as a single organization, household, and business. 


Its focus is on calculating demand and supply, prices for goods and services, and other elements. Here are some best topics for a microeconomics essay.


  1. What are the impacts of income changes on customer choices?


  1. What attitude do people show in the consumption of different resources in India?


International Trade Topics-


International trade plays a crucial role in the economic growth of a country. Hence you can choose the topic related to international trade given below.


  1. How does international trade boost the economic growth of a country?


  1. How does covid-19 scenario affect international trade?


  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of international trade for developing countries?
  2. What is the role of international trade in developing countries?


  1. Describe and Discuss the India and China trade relationship.


Environmental economics Topics-


Pollution and depletion of natural resources are the main concerns nowadays due to economic practices such as producing or manufacturing products. Environmental economics studies the issues due to such activities. Below are some concerns that you can consider as your topic.


  1. Discuss the waste disposal program in the USA.


  1. What are the policies of governments to curb the environmental issues due to the industries and companies?


  1. Who is responsible for the environmental disasters?


  1. What should be the best allocation of natural resources to avoid environmental losses?


  1. What are the impacts of technology innovation on the environment?


Development Economics Topics-


  1. What are the consequences of globalization in emerging economies on income distribution?


  1. Describe the relationship between migration and development economics.


  1. What are the effects of natural disasters on emerging economies’ development?


  1. How does increasing population affect the economy of a country?


  1. What is the equation between family planning, labor force, and income changes?


Behavioral Economics Topics-


Behavioral Economics covers the topics such as bounded rationality, choice architecture, and irrational exuberance. It studies the psychology behind economic practices and decision-making. You can write your essay on-


  1. What do you mean by big data and implications?


  1. How does a country’s economy get benefitted from the behavioral economic theory?


  1. What is the role of behavioral economics in the real world?


  1. What attracts the consumers from the perspective of behavioral economics?


  1. How can we use behavioral economics to reduce substance abuse?




In this blog we have discussed some economics essay topics of various categories. I hope now you are sorted with the economics topics for your essay. You need to consider the current situations while thinking about the topic for the economics essay. 


We also shared how to choose the best topic for your essay in the above text. I hope this will be beneficial for you and you can think about these topics or do modifications of these topics and write an excellent essay.

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