Best astrologer in bangalore

Best astrologer in bangalore.

If You want to meet Guruji, his address is Back of Iskcon temple Rajaji Nagar Bangalore .

We went to his house 2 times, but we did not get Guruji’s, appointment.

because of the huge crowd, next time when we went somebody told us Guruji shifted to Bangalore’s main city.


4th time I got an appointment with GuruJi, just by seeing me,

He told us, there would be Shalya Vastu’s problem in the house.  Some animal dead bodies would be in the house.  said to us, take any labor and remove tails of the room, then you will see the real truth.


First I did not believe that because I didn’t know what Shala Vastu. But afterward, I did the same thing as Guruji said. I took one labor and made him dig there, and it was great wonder happened there, whatever Guruji said was a hundred percent true, I found there animal dead body.

best astrologer in Bangalore
I was shocked after that my Vastu problems were solved.

Guru Ji number 9000992685,

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