Enthral your guests with mesmerizing mirrors on your living room and bathroom walls

In today’s era, mirror have been a part of home decor bathroom walls. They have been so much in trend and also styled in different ways according to your house or room. Their are different types of shape of mirror like – oval, square, rectangle and circle. All have been crafted according to your room themes and walls microsoft redeem code

Bathroom Wallsbathroom walls

Basically, mirrors are supposed to be added in the living room and in the bathroom of course! Why living room? Because as living room has big space and a broader look. So addition of mirrors in the walls of living room in suitable corner would enhance the whole space giving it a classic and premium look. And in bathroom, mirror are always necessary, but we can definitely style the mirror using shapes or wooden or copper frame according to our preference and suitability.  also, keeping mirror in the house has been regarded as a good fortune for family. According to vastu, mirror represent water elements so it must be placed in the north east direction for positive vibration bathroom walls.

Also, while choosing the mirror one should probably go for rectangular mirror and not square or round. Placing multiple numbers of shelves to decorate your bathroom is really a good idea. As per the tips of placing mirrors in bathroom vastu, you must remember that the mirrors in the bathroom should not reflect the toilet seat. The use of a rectangular mirror is good for both north and east walls to attract positive energy and make your bathing a special experience bathroom walls.

Single round painting

Single wall frame

Single wall plate

A mirror over the fireplace or the sofa is a simple way to amp up the light in the room. Choose a frame that goes well with the decor of the room and your mirror can be the icing on the cake. In the picture below, the antique-looking frame goes beautifully with the white sofa and wall, giving a classic look to the room bathroom walls.

Therefore, if any of your guests arrive they should be mesmerized by the look and decor of your house. Nowadays you can call for a home decor service and do a little style up to your room. Although, mirror decor will definitely give a eye catching look to your guests and they’ll be stunned and happy too.

Moreover, Vibecrafts got some exclusive collection of their products on home decor which will keep your guests mesmerizing and shocking too. They’ll feel like home and never be disappointed bathroom walls.

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