Arming teachers is not the answer

The recent act of gun violence has raised serious security concerns about schools and the safety of kids. One of the solutions that have been suggested is to permit teachers to keep guns in classrooms. The aim to lessen gun shootings by introducing more weapons in school is an absurd and terrible idea. Law enforcement authorities and security experts concur that it is certainly a bad idea to equip teachers with arms because they do not have the tactical information on dealing with weapons that usually law enforcement specialists get. Even if a huge chunk of the education budget is used to accommodate weapon supply and technical training of teachers, it still poses a high threat to school safety. There should be a more feasible solution that really solves the problem rather than increasing the danger of gun violence.


More importantly, the choice to equip teachers with arms delivers a meaning that schools are no longer the safe place for children to get an education. But a war ground where teachers will act as pseudo security specialists and students will be treated as criminals. Equipping inadequately prepared teachers and permitting them to use power on their own will only bring the gross abuse of force, which will expand more fatalities in future gun violence acts. Teachers themselves are against this idea. The teachers’ job is to teach, not carry guns in the classroom. Many teachers stated that students need education, science, art, and music; they do not require more firearms in their classroom. And bringing more weapons will not really ensure the safety of children. Numerous weapons in schools will create more mishaps, dread, and casualties.


Schools are designed to provide students with a comfortable environment for education and make them motivated for learning. And watching their teachers keep a firearm negates the whole meaning of school. It can make students be in constant fear, which will affect their education, and to keep up, they might use online resources such as online assignment writing service uk. Students will constantly be in worry about the possible risks and brutalities. Also, allowing teachers to keep guns in schools will increase the chance that now mass shooters can be the teacher rather than a student or an outsider.


Teachers would certainly settle on unacceptable decisions in the circumstances that they are not prepared to manage or conceivably misuse their force. It is also possible that teachers with biases can cause savagery upon specific students because of their hostility due to this unchecked power. One should likewise address where the funds are coming from to supply weapons and for training educators. And purchasing guns and using the money for technical training of teachers is the gross misuse of school funds which can be used to ensure better education for students. Following are a few reasons why arming teachers is not the right solution for gun violence:


Teachers are not the alternatives for law enforcement officers

By equipping teachers with firearms, we are making the school the naturally lopsided battleground. An educator with a firearm against the mass shooter whose only aim is to kill people is an uneven match. Instructors with restricted preparation and no backup will never be comparable to the trained law enforcement officers.


Teacher’s job is to teach

Teachers want to instruct. Teachers choose this profession to teach children. Their fundamental objective is to create a learning environment for kids and not to be outfitted defenders. It is not right to expect teachers to keep guns in classrooms. The large population of teachers across the country prefers not to be armed, and if they are compelled to do so, they are even okay to resign.


Making teachers be the main target of mass shooters

Teachers will turn into the primary target. Mostly, the mass shooters have prior knowledge about the objective school and the information about educators who keep guns and target them first to dispose of their primary deterrent. These acts of mass violence are done with cautious arrangement and detail, and children undoubtedly know which of their teachers keep guns in the classrooms.


Teachers should not be used as a tool for deterrence to suicidal mass shooter

 The idea to fight guns with more weapons to dissuade mass shooters is false. In numerous mass shootings like Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Virginia tech, culprits were not terrified to die. They came planning to die and also killing as many as they could with them. Believing that a naïve teacher with a gun can deter a mass shooter is false and preposterous.


A Teacher can be a criminal

Individual verification is not the ideal way to know the background of a person. And it does not guarantee that a  teacher can not be a criminal. Instructors go through detailed identity verifications, yet educators end up being child molesters and pedophiles in some scenarios. There was even a situation where a university teacher killed her associate. So equipping teachers with guns can create serious consequences for the students and school.


Aiding greater responsibility on the teachers

Teachers will have expanded liability and risk. Mishaps happen more frequently than gun violence. If students get the teacher’s gun to utilize it for their own purposes, who will take responsibility? If a teacher gets afraid and does not use the gun in case of any emergency, will he be blamed? What if an educator unintentionally kills his own students who will be responsible in this situation? There are such large numbers of approaches where teachers are to be responsible if given the guns to keep.


Firearms create the illusion of power

Arming teachers with guns cause them to feel powerful. Bringing weapons in schools can change the dynamics of the school environment. It will make students be in constant fear of their teachers. It will also change the attitude of teachers with each other and towards students.

Gun violence is surely a national crisis. The idea of fixing security should be encouraged, but the cost of transforming teachers into well-equipped officers is not acceptable. And also, just equipping teachers with guns does not address the mass shooting that happens at other public places such as clubs, churches, or movie theaters.

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