Answers to frequently asked questions about man lifts

Are you looking for a vertical man lift but have some questions you need to ask before you get one? Do not worry since we are here to help you out. A man lift is a type of aerial lift intended to provide users access to high-reaching tasks as it allows for tight-fitting access. It also allows a small space footprint. The vertical lift uses a multi-stage mast to accommodate a smaller footprint compared to traditional personnel lifts such as scissor lifts. They also come equipped with platform extensions that extend behind the vehicle’s base. Vertical man lifts are considered as a replacement for scissor lifts. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about these lifts.

What are the benefits of vertical lifts?

Vertical lifts are a good replacement for scissor lifts due to their great benefits such as a compact size design, lightweight, non-marking tires, fits through standard doorways and suit for indoor activities. You can get a wide range of man lifts since they come in different models and brands. You can either rent them or buy them depending on your project.

When should I rent man lifts?

Some of the main reasons you should consider renting vertical lifts over scissor lifts are mainly due to the ground loading and tight access. If you want to move your lift equipment through tight access and do your work on a fragile floor, vertical man lifts rental are the best option for you.

Do we have a minimum and maximum platform height when using man lifts?

Yes, we do have a minimum and maximum platform height when it comes to working with man lifts. Vertical lifts height can range from 5 meters to 12 meters depending on the model and design.

How many people can use the platform?

Only one person should work on the single mast vertical lift platform. However, it is important to understand that there is a dual mast type man lift design for two workers to work on the platform.

Do we have a maximum loading capacity of the platform?

Yes, we do have a maximum loading capacity of the platform. Usually, for a single mast man lift, its design loading capacity is usually around 150 kilograms. However, there is a dual mast vertical lift that has a higher loading capacity to accommodate two people working on the basket.

Can I rent a man lift for one day?

Most providers of man lift allow you to rent man lifts for one day and up to months. It is important to know the duration you need to use the man lift before hiring one. In most cases, when you want to hire for a long duration, you pay less than someone renting for a day since you will enjoy discounts from most providers.

Is the rental lift risk-insured?

Yes, when you hire vertical man lift rental, it will be covered by insurance depending on the provider and the regulation in your area. Make sure you ask about this before hiring a lift.

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